capacity :                             18 lt

sterilization temp       :     121  °C / 134 °C

water tank:                      open-upward water tank

Door Lock :   Double controlled

Printer  :  Data logger printer

Display:       LED English

Tests:            Bowie-Dick & vacuum test

Safety features:              pressure releases valve and compturized diagnosing including alarm system

capacity of water tank: .  distilled water 3lt/ waste water 2.5 lt

casing material :         sheet stainless steel finished in stoved enamel

chamber material:   sheet stainless steel

power supply :  AC 190-240 v/ 50-60 hz   2000W/10A

instrument container:              3 Trays

overall size:  45 x40 x 54 cm

net wieght:           44 kg